What is solar power :-
Energy produced by su(heat & light) is used by us in drying clothes , drying grains, by plants for preparing their food using the process of photosynthesis. In the same way the heat energy from the sun can also be used in producing electricity for our daily usage through Solar panels.

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How does solar power works :-
The heat and light produced by Sun can be transformed Energy through Solar Panels. Solar Panels are basically combinations of PV cells (photovoltaic cells which emit Electricity when exposed to sun rays) and produces electricity in the form of DC current ( Volts).

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How can we convert solar power in our usage:-
The Power produced by the solar panel ( PV cell) is in DC volts & is thereby stored into batteries for usage. The batteries are then connected to the Invertor for transformation of DC current to AC current i.e 12volts to 220volts. The charge from the solar panels are controlled by the charge controller transformer, which regulates the flow of current to the batteries and prevent them from overcharging.


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Components used for solar power :-
The best part is that even an Existing Invertors can be converted to Hybrid Solar Invertors, with the installation of conversion kits. The components used in this kits are:-
1. Specially designed Power Charge controller
2. Solar Panels
3. Wiring Kits
4. Specially designed Stands for mounting of Solar panels.
5. & Existing Invertor with Batteries.



How much can I save from solar power :-
It all depends on the usage & requirement. If the usage is low domestic then the number of panels required are less. But if the usage is high or usage till more time is required than the solar panels and battery bank may have to be increased for more savings.
Generally it saves around 70- 75% of your Power bills on an average.


Advantages of having solar Conversion:-
1. Natural Process of producing Electricity, nature friendly.
2. Very economic .
3. No / very little maintenance.
4. Long life of solar panels ( 25years) and low operating cost.
5. A solar panel saves approximately 308gms of coal per Kwh, or 880gms of carbon dioxide per KWh.
6. Battery life increases, due to steady input current as compared to ordinary invertors.

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Dis advantages of having Solar Conversion:-
1. Solar Energy system does not work at night.
2. Initial Investment is relatively high.
3. For larger applications the system requires higher investment.
4. Needs space for installation of Solar Panels.
5. The cost effectiveness of the system depends upon location and climate.

coal and pollution

What is the payback period:-
Considering a domestic electricity bill of Rs. 5000/- per month for a 1 Kva system, the payback period will be around 24-30 months. If the system is made more efficient in terms of storage of electricity the saving will be more and thus the payback period reduces.

monthly comparision


What are the life of the components:-
All components are long life. In general usage the life of the battery is just 2-2.5 years but in case of solar the battery life increases from existing to 3-4 years ( as the panels produces DC current instead of AC current, which has more fluctuation). Solar panels have long life of 25-30 years and charge controller has a high life of 10 years.
Can we convert our existing invertors into solar power :-
Yes you can convert your existing invertor into hybrid Solar Invertor system through our conversion kit and expertise with minor changes in the system at an additional nominal cost. Then the same old conventional invertor system will act as a generator rather just giving you power back up.
Please feel free to call us or write to us
Can an A.C unit run on solar invertors :-
Yes, all electronic items can run on Solar Power. It is just an alternative source of generating electricity through available natural resource (sun rays). We can run appliances like computers, T.V, A.C., heaters, Refrigerator, machines, Jet pumps, etc & many more …
Solar for domestic & commercial usage:-
We design specific solutions for domestic usage from 850Va to 5Kva & commercial usage for offices, factories, schools, shops etc ranging from 6 Kva to 100 MWA projects for solar Electricity production.

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Today’s Decision for a greener tomorrow:-
There are two forms or producing Electricity – Renewable & non Renewable Source of Energy. A nonrenewable resource is a resource that can be used up. Fossil fuels, which include coal , oil and natural gas, are nonrenewable because it took millions of years for them to form. Once we use up our fossil fuels, they will be gone for good.
Many power plants use fossil fuels. The fossil fuel is burned to produce heat, which is used to make steam. The steam is then used to turn the blades of a turbine to produce electricity. Some power plants run on nuclear power, which is another nonrenewable resource.
Nuclear power plants rely on uranium, a type of metal that is mined from the ground and specially processed. Heat released from splitting uranium atoms is used to convert water into steam that turns turbines.
Today’s decision for conversion to solar Electricity will help us in conservation of nature and will lead to greener tomorrow for our our children’s , near & dear’s, so that they enjoy life happily.

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