So how exactly does CNG Conversion Work

You might know by now you do not need to purchase a brand new CNG-powered vehicle to begin using neat and safe CNG and lower your carbon footprint. Any vehicle running on gasoline and diesel could be transformed into CNG. But are you aware how CNG conversion is accomplished and just how it really works? Gas conversion could cost you a lot of money, so prior to deciding to go the CNG way, it is essential that you are aware of know how installing a CNG conversion package inside a gasoline-powered vehicle is performed.

In the CNG Kit conversion center or shop, skilled specialists will install compressed gas (CNG components for your existing vehicle. These elements make CNG the main fuel for the vehicle with gasoline because the back-up fuel. An energy selection switch is going to be installed (usually around the dashboard) that will permit the motive force to by hand choose either CNG or gasoline. CNG storage cylinders may also be installed beneath the vehicle for vans and pickups, or perhaps in a corner for cabs along with other cars. Stainless tubes and lines will transport the CNG towards the regulator within the vehicle’s engine compartment to lessen pressure. The CNG will go through an energy-air mixer coming towards the intake manifold to become introduced for combustion.

Getting a dual fuel system will make sure sufficient fuel reserves among gas fills. In comparison to getting merely a gasoline engine, this additional fuel reserve will extend the vehicle’s driving range. Motorists can switch from CNG to gasoline whilst driving, idling or parked. Some CNG systems will instantly change to gasoline once the gas level reaches a preset low pressure setting.

To have an inside take a look at the way a CNG/petrol bi-fuel system works, listed here are the step-by-step particulars:

CNG Kit is given in to the ruthless cylinders with the gas receptacle

Once the engine needs gas, CNG leaves the storage cylinders and passes with the master manual shut-off valve.

CNG makes its way into the engine chamber through the stainless ruthless line.

The regulator accepts the CNG and reduces its pressure from 3,000 psi to approximate atmospheric pressure.

The gas solenoid valve allows the gas flow in the regulator in to the gas mixer or fuel injectors. This same solenoid valve also turns off the gas once the engine is stopped.

CNG mixes with air and flows lower with the carburettor or fuel injection system and makes its way into the engine’s combustion chambers.


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