25 Great Ways To Maintain Your CNG Kit Installed Car.


Please visit the CNG Kit Fitment centre being short-listed by you before finalizing.

  1. Check for proper trained technicians and proper workshop set up.
  2. Please check are they approved from the Govt. and check for their Workshop Licence and workshop approval Code from the Govt.
  3. Please observe their practice for fitment in any of the available cars.
  4. Check for their experience, skill and their knowledge about the field.
  5. Check for proper safety arrangements in the workshop.
  6. Check for use of proper tools like drills for drilling holes instead of hammers, use of inspection pit for fitment of CNG Kit pipe line for proper clamping etc. use of rubber pads before fitting of CNG Kit Cylinder brackets, use of special equipments like Gas leakage detectors etc.


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  1. Use petrol running for about 5% of the total distance travelled daily. Petrol gets contaminated very easily if not used for many days and may choke your Petrol injectors, Catalytic Converter and can also cause damage to your fuel pump in case of heavy contamination.
  2. Check your Type pressure regularly for better pick up and mileage.
  3. Change the spark plugs on proper interval of every 13-15000 kms. Less spark produced by the plugs may cause mis-firing troubles.
  4. Use of Special CNG spark Plugs may increase the performance of the car.
  5. Clean your air filter at every 5000 kms and replace it in every 10,000 kms interval.
  6. Oil change period for CNG cars is 10,000 kms with CNG oils used. But if your idle running is more, change it more frequently.
  7. 1 hour of Engine idling is equal to 45 kms of driving.
  8. Check proper functioning of Spark Plug cables and replace as per manufacturers recommendations.
  9. Check your spare wheel regularly, as it may not get in notice due fitment of CNG Cylinder in boot area.
  10. Get your CNG Cylinder Tested Hydraulically after every 5 years for leakages and cracks, if any.
  11. In case of any Gas leakage, don’t panic just close the CNG Cylinder Valve at the rear to cut the entire supply of gas and open all the windows and doors, if possible. Don’t start the car.
  12. Do get your CNG Pipe lines, CNG Cylinder mounting check regularly for proper fitment, clamping and tightness.
  13. Please fix your wirings if found loose as it mar cause sparks and accidents also.
  14. Visit your CNG Kit Fitment centre at every 5000 kms or every quarter for proper checking of your car.
  15. In case of any problem, contact your retro-fitment center and possibly visit them.


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Drive your car slowly & carefully in waterlogged areas. Driving it in High Speeds may cause damage to the Catalytic convertor fitted in your car as it may get chocked.

CNG Kit Maintainance Tips Jaipur Auto Service

  1. Please maintain a proper distance of at least 3 mtrs. in Rainy season in traffic conditions as sometimes cars may cause idling troubles while running on CNG, this may happen due to lot of moisture in the Air, which may change the Air gas ratio in the engine.
  2. Start your engine on Petrol and run it for 2 kms/ 8-10 mins on Petrol to avoid cold starting on CNG, in rainy season or winters. It may cause damage to the engine in the long run.
  3. Check your Type pressure regularly for better pick up and mileage.
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