One can have a Single  CNG Tank  installed in it. On Petrol the efficiency comes to around 10-13 Kmpl in city but on CNG Sequential System it will be 17-19 kmpl approx.

No Miss-firing , no frequent tune ups required, performance just like petrol, automatic fuel change over from Petrol to CNG and from CNG to Petrol with Buzzer system.

No compromise with Engine Life  and low Fuels bills.

At Jaipur Auto Service Pvt. Ltd. following CNG Kits for Chevrolet Beat are readily Available:-


  • Versus Sequential CNG Systems : Made in Poland
  • A G Compact CNG Systems : Made in Poland
  • M’ Sequent CNG Systems : Made in Poland
  • Lovato CNG Systems : Made in Italy
  • Zavoli CNG Systems: Made in Italy


Cylinder Sizes Available for Chevrolet Beat CNG Kit:


  • 45 Ltrs (9 Kgs)
  • 50 Ltrs (10Kgs)
  • 60 Ltrs (12 Kgs)
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